HENRYETTA, Oklahoma - Students in Henryetta will soon get to ride on the district's new high-tech school buses, and district leaders said the new fleet has several new safety features.

Henryetta Public Schools just received the first few buses a couple of days ago and they say they're expecting more next week.

School leaders said the new buses have strobe lights, automatic doors, and a 360 camera system allowing bus drivers to see everything that's happening both inside and outside the bus.

The district also purchased a new bus for children with special needs, which includes a wheelchair lift.

Voters approved a nearly $1 million bond for it back in September.

Bus driver Mike Hardgrave said the new safety features are a definite upgrade from the district's old buses.

"These kids and parents, they deserve the best that you can get as far as I'm concerned" said Hardgrave. 

The district said they expect to start running routes on these buses next week.