TULSA, Oklahoma - A gas line rupture shut down the intersection of 11th and Mingo in Tulsa Friday afternoon.

The line ruptured around 1 p.m. PSO said the ruptured line affected about 168 customers in the area as there is electricity near the rupture. The gas has been shut off but repairs to the line are still being worked on.

PSO has shut down power to the area to reduce the risk of a spark igniting the gas. They say power has been restored to those impacted by the rupture.

Officials say it's a significant rupture of a 12-inch line under a large amount of pressure. They say there is a visible plume, and it sounded like a jet engine as gas spewed up.

Tulsa police said there was a piece of heavy equipment in nearby Mingo Creek that had been cleaning out silt. According to ONG, the rupture happened after the gas line was struck from digging. 

The public is encouraged to avoid the area.