More First Responders Expected To Testify In Michael Bever Murder Trial

Monday, April 23rd 2018, 9:48 pm
By: News On 6

More first responders are expected to testify Tuesday in the murder trial of a Broken Arrow Teen charged with murdering his two parents and three of his siblings.

There were tears in the courtroom Monday as jurors were shown pictures of the victims at the crime scene – several of them surrounded by a pool of blood.

Several first responders testified on Monday, including the firefighter/paramedic who went inside the home to declare the deaths of the father, David Bever, 7-year-old Christopher, and 5-year-old Victoria.

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When attorneys asked him if he still remembered this call out of the hundreds he's been to since, he said, "Yes, every day."

12-year-old Daniel and mother April were in the yard when he arrived, but he testified he quickly realized there was nothing he could do for them.

He said they "all had a lot of trauma" and showed pictures of the victims at the crime scene, including the three children.

Christopher and Victoria were found in the bathroom – Christopher in the fetal position, Victoria near the toilet, both laying in a pool of blood.

Another firefighter/paramedic testified he rode in the ambulance with the surviving sister, who had a gash on her stomach so large her organs were hanging out.

The firefighter said he hadn't seen an injury like that outside of a textbook.

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He said he was near the sister's head on the way to St. Francis Hospital and repeatedly told her "Everything's going to be alright, we're taking care of you.  Stay with us."

The firefighters both said that everyone who worked the scene that night with the fire department were taken out of service for the rest of the shift just to deal with the trauma of the night.

Prosecutors are expected to call more first responders to testify Tuesday.