Michael Bever Murder Trial, Jury Selection Continues

Tuesday, April 17th 2018, 6:03 pm
By: News On 6

It's day two of Michael Bever's murder trial and things are just now getting started.

Bever was in court Tuesday afternoon.  Deputies had told reporters they'd be bringing him up the elevators, but instead they brought him up a side door straight into the judge's chambers.

Bever's attorney is asking the judge to exclude a journal that his client kept while in jail, saying it may have self-incriminating personal notes and that its confidentiality is protected by attorney-client privilege, so the contents of the journal shouldn't be held against him.

Court documents say Bever kept the journal from the time of his arrest in July 2015 through January 2016.  According to court documents, Bever was encouraged to keep the journal by his attorneys and a mental health specialist, but the journal was seized when Bever was still a minor.

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The judge has not issued a decision on that issue yet.  For now, the jury selection process continues.

Attorneys on both sides are working to whittle down a pool of almost 100 potential jurors to the 12 who will hear the case.

Jurors arrived first thing Tuesday morning and then waited for about six hours before questioning finally started.  The judge reminded the jurors that Michael Bever is innocent until proven guilty.

"We're trying to make sure these jurors can be fair and impartial to the entire process," said District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler.  "The vetting of that is critical to the victim's family believing we've got a fair jury.

Potential jurors also learned Tuesday that Bever's older brother Robert, who has already pleaded guilty to five counts of first degree murder, is on the potential witness list.

Jury selection will continue on Wednesday.  Kunzweiler says he expects opening statement on Thursday.