Tulsa Police Searching For Man Charged With Child Stealing

Tuesday, December 17th 2019, 8:13 pm
By: News On 6

A Tulsa mother said her children have been missing for six months after she said her abusive ex-boyfriend took them.

“It's just not acceptable to have kids that have been missing this long with a man who took them using force," Darcie Parton-Scoon said, a private investigator.

Prosecutors have charged Oscar Bearshead with child stealing.

Parton-Scoon said Olivia Posadas filed a police report against Bearshead at the end of June.

“He brought three family members with him and those three family members held her down while he went to the back, took the kids and left with them," Parton-Scoon said.

Since then, Posadas hasn't been able to locate her two and three-year old children.

“It's difficult for me to look at this situation and this set of facts and say, ‘how was this missed?’" Parton-Scoon said.

Although a warrant has been issued for Bearshead's arrest, Parton-Scoon said nothing has been done to find him.

"Now we're in the second week of them knowing and still no response,” Parton-Scoon said.

Posadas talked about the day she was assaulted--but never mentioned her children being taken or in danger.

Officers said if Bearshead took the children at a different time and didn't return them based on a custody agreement, that would be a civil issue, not a criminal one.

They said that’s why there was nothing they could do until the warrant was issued.

Now that there is a warrant for Bearshead's arrest, Tulsa police are looking for him and for the children.

If you know anything, call 918-596-COPS.