Poll: Oklahomans’ Views On Impeachment Differ From Rest Of Country

Tuesday, December 17th 2019, 6:20 pm
By: News On 6

A new poll by SoonerPoll.com shows Oklahomans remain opposed to the impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump.

Oklahomans’ views on this impeachment differ from the rest of the country. A recent CBS News poll shows 46% of Americans believe Trump deserves impeachment for his actions concerning Ukraine, while 39% believe he does not deserve impeachment and 15% say it’s “too early to tell.”

However, a majority of Oklahomans remain opposed to impeachment, according to a new poll by SoonerPoll.com.

Fifty-six percent of Oklahomans oppose the impeachment and removal of President Trump, 39% support impeachment and 6% are unsure, according to the poll of 310 likely Oklahoma voters. The poll was conducted December 4 to 12 and has a margin of error of +/- 5.57%.

Bill Shapard, who conducted the poll, said views of impeachment mostly follow party lines and have remained largely unchanged during his tracking of the issue.

“People have dug in their heels. They’re beginning to say, ‘Either I support the president or he needs to go,’ and it’s just kind of solidified both sides,” Shapard said.

Support for impeachment was highest in Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District, which includes Oklahoma City. There, 50% of Oklahomans support impeachment. In the other four districts, support varied from 34% to 38%, but most constituents were still opposed.

On Tuesday, 5th District Rep. Kendra Horn, a Democrat, announced she would vote for the impeachment of the president during Wednesday’s vote in the full House of Representatives.