Law Enforcement Agencies Assist With Patrol As Mannford Officers Attend Police Chief's Funeral

Saturday, November 16th 2019, 8:45 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero

Mannford Police Chief Lucky Miller was laid to rest Saturday morning, making it a somber day for the entire police department and community.

But in the time of need, fellow officers across the state stepped up to help.

“In time of tragedy, the law enforcement community steps up,” Chief of the Creek Nation Lighthorse Police Force, Robert Hawkins, told News on 6. 

Hawkins said going beyond the call is nothing new to the Lighthorse Police Department, but it’s different when answering to the tragedy of losing a fellow officer, Lucky Miller.

“We were friends, its hard, its hard on not just the Mannford community, but it’s hard on the law enforcement community as a whole,” said Hawkins. “It’s always hard to lose a brother and sister in blue, to lose one is like losing a family member.”

Saturday morning, the Lighthorse Police Department took over patrol of Mannford so that the entire police department could attend Miller's funeral.

Officer Jerry Whittman patrolled in the morning, and said though it’s his day off, he didn't give a second thought to helping out.

It’s an honor, I was grateful that they asked the Lighthorse police to step in and help out and I am glad I got the opportunity to come out and help,” Wittman said.

Chief Hawkins said a simple serve can speak volumes, but they aren't doing it for notoriety. Instead, it is a final salute to their brother in blue.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and community and just know Lighthorse police are here to help with anything they need.”

The Lighthorse Police Department and the Creek County Sheriff’s Office will be assisting until 6 a.m. Sunday.