Historic Perryman Ranch In Jenks To Be Demolished For Subdivision, Wetland

Wednesday, November 13th 2019, 10:22 am
By: Emory Bryan

What's left of the historic Perryman Ranch, where Tulsa was started, has been sold.

Despite the history, the land is being divided up for a new subdivision.

According to preliminary plans submitted to the Jenks Planning Commission, the last 80 acres of the original ranch property will be divided up for houses - 50 acres for houses and 30 acres of green space and wetlands. The plans have not been approved at Jenks City Hall, but it's likely they will be.

The site was the headquarters of the Perryman Ranch, a vast holding that once covered 250,000 acres before Oklahoma Statehood. Now it's surrounded by homes, and the house and barns are due for demolition. The plans call for a subdivision similar in density to what's around it.

Jenks City Planner Jim Beach said the land under applicable zoning could have up to 155 homes, but the developer is proposing 136, mainly on the east and north sides of the property at 111th and Elwood.

Without any historic designation, Beach said, the property was left open for residential development.

"The city has no ability to decide what exactly will happen on the property. It's private property, and the property owner can develop however they see fit. Our job is to regulate that development so it benefits the community and creates a safe and orderly development," said Beach.

The Perryman name is synonymous with Tulsa's founding. What was called "Tulsey Town" started with a post office in what's now midtown Tulsa. A marker designates the site, on the original Perryman land, at 41st and Troost - far from ranch headquarters.

Tuesday, workers were salvaging materials from the property, and the house sat empty after an auction cleared out the last of what was inside.

Beach said the City has twice delayed approving the plans to request more information from the developer, specifically about plans to connect trails, and deal with oil wells on the site.

While they wait for more information, the planning commission has not set the meeting where they'll consider the plans for the Perryman property.

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