Young Vandals Admit Doing $100K Of Damage To Broken Arrow Water Treatment Plant, Sheriff Says

Friday, November 8th 2019, 10:36 am
By: Dee Duren

Wagoner County Sheriff's Office said juvenile vandals - ages 9 to 10 - did almost $100,000 in estimated damage to the water treatment plant in the 3500 block of South 201st East Avenue in Broken Arrow. 

Windows were broken out, surveillance cameras damaged, computers destroyed and garage doors damaged, a news release states.  Sheriff Chris Elliott said paint was spread around the interior of the facility that is located in the Renaissance Park neighborhood.

Deputies said their suspects were two juveniles between the ages of 9 and 10. 

The boys were seen on surveillance video throwing rocks at cameras and kicking in doors and windows, the sheriff said. Footage showed them on the property twice, on the afternoon of Nov. 2 and the morning of Nov. 3.

A deputy took the video to a local Broken Arrow School, and staff were able to identify two students, according to Sheriff Chris Elliott. 

The boys were pulled out of class and interviewed with their parents at the sheriff's department where deputies said they admitted damaging the property and other crimes.

Possible charges were sent to the Wagoner County District Attorney's Office. 

Elliott said the crime will cause serious hardship to the property owner and entire neighborhoods. He said it was another instance where surveillance equipment proved itself to be invaluable.

"I, of course, hope that these two young individuals learn a very valuable lesson from this situation; that a life of stealing, damaging, or otherwise negatively affecting the property and safety of others for your gain or enjoyment is no life at all," he said.

"And I have confidence that they will learn that lesson soon and become valuable, contributing members of our society."