Tulsa Health Department Working To Help Apartment Complex Residents With No Heat

Thursday, November 7th 2019, 9:47 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Hours after the Tulsa Health Department issued an order for residents to vacate their apartment because of no heat, the department changed their stance - saying residents can stay.

Chateau 68 residents said they received a flyer from the Tulsa Health Department telling them to vacate their apartment on or before November 7.

"How do you just make a decision like that in one day? We got the notice at 4:30 p.m. taped up to our foyers," said resident Toni Martin.

The flyer said that people had to leave the apartment complex because they were not maintaining a minimum temperature of 65 degrees and that the heat was not working.

"You see all the cars here. Like I said, I just don't know what's going to happen from here," said Martin.

Just a few hours after the department issued that letter, they reversed there actions. They said people no longer have to leave because repair crews are on scene to fix the heating.

"Very frustrated. Since the new owners have taken over, I have given at least 10 cards to them because I work for a heating and air company trying to get this issue fixed," said resident Desiree Kendall.

The department said as of this point, the complex tells them the repair company will stay on scene as long as it takes to fix the problem. Many residents said either way, they are staying put.

"We are going to stay here and put our heaters on because our electric still works," said Kendall.

The department said the apartment complex had been given several extensions.

They are working with emergency management in case residents have to relocate. 

The Tulsa Health Department issued this statement regarding the matter: 

The Tulsa Health Department has been working with the Chateau 68 Apartment complex for several months on a complaint of no heat within the complex. According to the International Property Maintenance Code Section 602.3, adequate and safe heat sources must be available to occupants of living structures. The heater must warm the living space to a minimum of 65 oF.

THD Environmental Health Services has been in continuous communication with property management and the out of state owner to get this issue fixed, it has been a long term repair on HVAC system. The apartment complex has received several extensions to the orders to repair that were issued 4-6 weeks ago.

As the complex failed to comply with the orders to repair, orders to vacate were issued to the property manager today and posted in public areas of the property. The apartment manager has permitted a repair company to remain on the premises this evening until the issue is fixed. Our staff verbally communicated to the property manager that as long as the repair company was working on the issue and the interior temperature remained above 65 degrees, residents did not have to vacate tonight. No resident needs to leave their home tonight.

The Tulsa Health Department has been in contact with local agencies and Emergency Management today to identify resources to assist with relocation should that be necessary. The health and safety of residents is our top priority, and with temperatures dropping the issue of safe and and adequate heat is more important that ever. We will continue to provide updates as they are made available.

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