Broken Arrow City Council Passes Curbside Recycling

Wednesday, November 6th 2019, 6:44 am
By: Shannon Rousseau

The City of Broken Arrow will soon become more environmentally friendly. City councilors unanimously approved curbside recycling at last night's city council meeting.

While the decision to start recycling was approved Tuesday night, it'll take roughly one year before everyone is able to do so.

The City of Broken Arrow will provide customers a cart for recycling and another for solid waste, free of charge. The collection of recycling bins will also be free.

Paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and cans are some items that can be recycled. However, plastic bags, styrofoam, and clothing can not be recycled.

To see if this idea would even work in the city, a pilot program was conducted between January and May of this year. This was in response to a 2016 customer survey where residents showed interest in recycling. And while recycling will be encouraged, it will be voluntary.

Once curbside recycling goes into effect, pickup for both trash and recyclables will happen on the same day once a week.

As of right now, about 10,000 cities across the U.S. are implementing this type of program.