CDC Reports First Child Deaths For Flu Season

Friday, October 25th 2019, 11:17 pm
By: News On 6

The CDC is reporting the first two children’s deaths in association with the flu this season. Doctors in Green Country are encouraging everyone to get a flu shot ahead of peak flu season.

The CDC says the numbers are pretty consistent with previous years, flu activity is low right now. Local doctors say getting vaccinated ahead of flu season is a great way to stay healthy this season.

The leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping and peak flu season is just around the corner. Dr. Stephanie Meissen works at the Warren Clinic Springer Building and says they are seeing isolated cases of the flu. They say they have been offering flu shots since the beginning of October.

"The fact that we are seeing them means it is on our community and certainly it is going to spread from here," said Dr. Meissen.  

The CDC says flu activity in the US increased slightly but is still low. Despite the low numbers across most of the country, they say the first 2 flu associated pediatric deaths were reported this month.

Here in Oklahoma, the State Department of Health says since September 1st no one has died from the flu, but 44 people have been hospitalized.  

"The fact that we have a flu that is extremely contagious and has a lot of complications associated with it makes it even more important that we get preventative at this stage, let's go ahead and get immunized and protect ourselves," said Dr. Meissen.  

Meissen says it is important people know:

  • You cannot get the flu from a flu shot.
  • If you don't get immunized, it could impact people around you.
  • The flu shot is effective about two weeks after getting it. 

"It could boost your immunity, it will protect people around you as well which is very important and then at the end of the day, any advantage you can give yourself of possibly preventing influenza would be worth that," said Dr. Meissen.  

The Warren Clinic is one of a list of places around town offering flu shots. Here's more information on where to get flu shots:


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