U.S. Attorney's Office Indicts Accused Tulsa Mail Thief

Friday, October 18th 2019, 10:38 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

For months, postal inspectors have been trying to find the responsible for mail thefts across Tulsa.

Now, they said the same woman who stole mail from people’s porches also broke in to a post office.

We told you a few weeks ago that someone broke in to several P.O. boxes at a post office near 51st and Sheridan. Now federal officials said they know who did it.

It all started with makeup palette stolen off Krissa Shockley’s porch near 15th and Sheridan in May.

“I saw the video of the mailman scanning it,” Shockley said. “She had pulled up, came and took it out of my box."

Shockley’s doorbell camera recorded the theft when it happened. Tulsa police said it shows Hillary Ginn swiping from Shockley’s mailbox. She said Ginn came back a few hours later, denying everything.

"I'm a makeup artist I own my own business,” Ginn said. “I wouldn't steal from anybody."

Shockley said at least 25 more people reached out, saying the same woman had stolen mail or packages off their porches.

She and some other neighbors called police.

Fast forward to September.

"I opened it up, and the guts to the lock fell down and there wasn't any mail in there,” Ginn said. 

That’s what Terry Tucker told us his P.O. Box he rents at the Sheridan Station post office had been broken into, and stolen from six times in one year.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Attorney's offices indicted and arrested Hillary Ginn for six counts of mail theft and six for destruction of mailboxes at the Sheridan Station.

"It's just so sad that we cant even have a normal mailbox anymore,” Shockley said.

We told you this week three other Tulsa-area post offices also reported several P.O. box break-ins. US Postal Inspectors say they're still actively investigating those.

Ginn is not charged for those break-ins.

“It's important for the public to believe in the mail system,” said U.S. Postal Inspector Sean Smith.

Court records show Ginn appeared in court two days ago for larceny charges for the May thefts.

She also made her first U.S. District Court appearance earlier this week for the federal charges.

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