Baby's Life Saved After Being Born In Bristow Walmart Bathroom

Thursday, October 3rd 2019, 7:47 pm
By: News On 6

A newborn baby is recovering tonight in a Tulsa NIC-U after being born in the Bristow Walmart bathroom.

News On 6 exclusively interviewed one of the Walmart employees who helped save the baby's life.

Kamrynn Johnson said she's worked at Walmart for nine years, and has answered plenty of emergency calls; but she said nothing could prepare her for what she'd find when she walked into the Walmart bathroom on Tuesday.

"I thought I saw a dead child," she recalled. "A dead baby."

Johnson said she was going about her work day as normal when a call over her radio sent her running for the bathroom. When she got there, a woman in one of the stalls told Johnson she'd had a miscarriage.

"I seen she was covered in blood, and I could see the umbilical cord between her legs," Johnson said. "When I walked into the stall, I saw feet., like there was a baby there."

She said the woman showed no concern for her child who was inside the toilet.

"I hollered, 'You did not have a miscarriage, there's a baby!'" Johnson said. "And she was like, 'Oh, don't worry about it, I was going to have an abortion.'"

Johnson said she took the little girl, and she and her fellow employees began doing everything they could to save her life.

"Never once asked, is that baby okay? Never asked, is she breathing?" Johnson said of the mother. "We were so emotional when she took that first breath, I cannot see how a mother could not have that emotion for her child."

When paramedics came, they'd worked on the newborn for more than 15 minutes when she finally let out her first cry.

"That whole room was just full of emotions, except for mama," Johnson said. "I think that was the worst part."

Bristow Assistant Police Chief Kendra Raney said the women are heroes; without them, the situation would've been much different.

"I think we were just the right person for the job," Johnson said. "God knew who to put in that room and who the baby needed."

Bristow Police didn't reveal much else, but said they are investigating the incident.

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