Man Accused Of Sharing Video Implying Threat Against Fort Gibson School

Thursday, September 26th 2019, 11:31 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

A Fort Gibson man is in jail, accused of putting a graphic video implying violence toward the school district on the internet.

Investigators said the video specifically mentioned Fort Gibson schools. Police said a former student posted the clop mentioning bomb threats made two years ago, followed by a violent animated video.

Stephen Anderson has nothing but good things to say about the place he’s called home for 12 years.

The dad of a current senior and two former Fort Gibson students now trains kids on track and field.

”This is a great community and fantastic school.”

We caught up with him training junior Britney Taylor on the Fort Gibson track Thursday.

The two said they just found out about the arrest made this afternoon.

“It’s shocking and disappointing people do that stuff,” Anderson said. “What do they really gain from doing that?”

Fort Gibson police say Dalton Colley posted the video to YouTube Thursday.

They said it depicted news reports about two bomb threats made in 2016 at the schools and was followed by an animated, gory shootout scene.

They said after someone alerted officers, they tracked down and arrested Colley by 4 p.m.

“I was shocked, but I think the school is ready for anything,” Taylor said. “We have lockdown drills and stuff so we know what to do.”

Anderson says he still thinks back to the Fort Gibson Middle School shooting in 1999 that left five people hurt.

“I think about it quite often, especially when you hear about it on the news,” Anderson said. “I think about what happened here and how devastating it was for everyone.”

Both said they are happy with the quick outcome and proud of their town.

“This school and community is really good,” Taylor said.

Police said Colley is being held in the Muskogee County Jail on a terroristic hoax complaint.

He has an arraignment set for tomorrow.

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