Thief Steals Food Meant For Needy Families From Tulsa Church

Tuesday, September 10th 2019, 5:41 pm
By: News On 6

Pastor Earl Krumsiek of Hope Mission church, says security video inside his church shows a thief stealing bags of food.

He says every Tuesday night the church has service and then gives food to 25 families in need but this week, that won’t be able to happen. Krumsiek says the thief went through just about every room in the building and made a mess.

“They broke the lock off of our upstairs this is normally padlocked and shut,” says Krumsiek.

Krumsiek says the burglar didn't seem to take anything... until he found their food pantry.

“Normally what's over here is sacks of groceries that we give to families, one family can live off three meals in that bag. Our heart is to be a food distribution ministry and here people are breaking in to steal food,” says Krumsiek.”

Krumsiek says this is the second time thieves have broken into the church this year. He says this time the thief stole one of his security cameras.      

He says he's frustrated because the church has people to feed but no food to give them and at the end of the day—they would have found a way to help the thief too.

"Man I wish he would have called me. I would have given him whatever he needed food-wise because it is what we do. Instead of just breaking in,” says Krumsiek.

Krumsiek says the plan is to provide food to families this weekend to make up the difference.