FDA Targets Juul, Says The E-Cigarette Company Misled Consumers

Monday, September 9th 2019, 11:08 pm
By: Justin Shrair

The Federal Drug Administration issued a warning letter to e-cigarette company Juul, saying it believes the company mislead people into believing that e-cigarettes were safer than smoking. 

The CDC is urging people to not use e-cigarettes. News On 6 caught up with a mom who quit e-cigarettes as more and more warnings came out. Lindsay Calkins is a former smoker. She said she turned to vaping, to try and help her quit.

"I smoked for years and years and years and so I did the whole stepping down with all the nicotine," said Calkins.

She stopped vaping after hearing about the possible health effects. She believes the vaping market is lighting up new concerns.

"They wanted to help smokers quit smoking, but it kind of brought out a whole new market. Now it's attracted teens that probably wouldn't have started smoking," said Calkins.

Dr. Jeff Galles, an internal medicine physician with Utica Park Clinic said although there is not enough information to know the long term effects of vaping, in no scenario is it safe. He said his biggest concern is that more and more young people are doing it. 

"I think no one should vape. I don't think there is a good scenario for people to use this form of nicotine as a replacement for anything or as simple entertainment," said Galles.

In a letter to Juul Labs, A company that makes e-cigarettes, the FDA said it is "deeply concerned by the epidemic rate of increase in youth use of electronic nicotine delivery systems."

So far there have been more than 450 reported possible cases of lung illness associated with people using e-cigarettes products in 33 states. The CDC said they have not yet identified a cause.

While Calkins talks with her teen daughter about the serious risks she has a message for young people.

"Just really think about what you are putting into your body because you only get one body, you only get one life," said Calkins.

The FDA also requested all kinds of information from Juul including marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns. The company said it will "fully cooperate."