Learn Basic Self-Defense Moves That Can Help Women Survive

Wednesday, August 28th 2019, 7:26 pm
By: News On 6

Thousands of girls are going away from home for the first time to attend college, and lots of parents are worried about their daughter's safety.

We asked a certified defensive tactics instructor for three basic self-defense moves any young woman could learn to do, that could help her escape.

Lori Fullbright, reports,   "We focused on three things that could happen to a girl away at college: she's walking across campus and gets grabbed from behind; she's at an event or a date and gets choked from the front, or even if a guy gets her on the ground or on a bed."

Rogers County Deputy and Defensive Tactics Instructor, Daniel Welch, says, "So, I come in, assailant grabs you."

Lori says, "I’m going to head butt you, groin punch you, reach through, grab your ankle and yank."

Daniel Welch, says, "Just like that."

Because men are generally bigger and stronger, women likely won't overpower them, so it becomes about technique and skill to help us escape.

Daniel Welch, Instructor, says, "We train our officers to outlast and survive."

Because he's pulling you backward, you're likely not going to win by pulling forward, so instead, use the hard surface of the back of your head against his face, then, strike the groin, bend over and grab his ankle with all your might.

Let's talk about a man grabbing your throat with both his hands, when you're not backed up against a wall.

Daniel Welch, instructor, says "From right here, all I'm going to do is dip my head down and bow out. I want to avoid the elbows. Grab my neck as hard as you can, All I'm going to do is, out like that."

This allows you to use momentum rather than strength.

Lori says, "I'm going to try to move your arms, okay, oh man, I can't but I'll dip and out, wow."

Daniel Welch, Instructor says, "You're going through my thumbs, which is the path of least resistance, right through my thumbs."

But - if he has you pinned against a wall, it's going to take more than that.

Daniel Welch, Instructor, says, "You're going to be pressing up against me, So, when I strike right here, you're naturally going to come towards me, so we're here, hit it, strike, come around like this, got a choke hold right here, walk you down and escape."

Lori says, "I love that."

It's important to just learn these moves, but, practice them so you'll remember it, in that moment of panic and adrenaline.

Daniel Welch, instructor, says, "You're not going to learn this by watching you tube videos and sitting on the couch and thinking it's going to work when you get in that situation."

Lori says,  "You grab me against the wall. I'm gonna hit you as hard as I can, you'll come toward me, I wrap my hand around and walk you back and dump you."

Daniel Welch: "Yep."

Remember, it's not a wrestling match, it's all about escaping.

Daniel Welch, instructor, says, "This is about as bad as it gets for you."

Bad, because he has the center of gravity and balance, so pick one side to attack.

Daniel Welch, instructor, says, "So what you want to do is grab my wrist, this hand grabs above the elbow right here and so, now, my feet. So, you've isolated this side, isolate my foot too, bring your foot here."

He says trapping that foot is critical to causing him to lose balance.

Daniel Welch, instructor, says, "You've got my wrist and my elbow and foot, now bridge up and roll me this way."

Lori: "Nice."

You can even roll with him, shove your knee in his groin, then, push off his knees to escape.

Lori says, "Isolate a side, I've got your wrist, your elbow, trap your foot, push up, knee strike and push away."

Daniel Welch, instructor, says, "right."

The goal of every encounter is to survive. Maybe that means you fight. Maybe that means you do what they say. It will all be up to you and the moment of instinct, but if you do decide to fight, you've got to do it fast and with all your might.

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