Storm Leaves Damaged Structures, Uprooted Trees in Delaware County

Tuesday, August 27th 2019, 5:09 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Hundreds of trees are snapped and uprooted along the north side of Grove after strong storms Monday night. Repairs are being made at homes and businesses after the storm blew through parts of town too.

“This was a tremendous storm last night,” Cowskin Volunteer Fire Department Captain Rick Bronson said.

Just east of Highway 10, the Lakewood Village mobile home park also saw significant damage too. It sits right along Grand Lake, and about 100 people live there.

“Given the magnitude of this storm, we had no injuries in this park. There should have been some injuries, at least, if not somebody in the water, “Bronson said.

“It cheers my heart because we were all outside last night after it was all over with and our management was great. And they went door-to-door to check on everybody just to make sure that we were all OK,” Carol Andrejak said.

She estimates four or five mobile homes are destroyed, and five or six have heavy damage. About 100 people live at the park. Andrejak is dealing with water damage in her home.

“Water coming into the living room and warner coming into the kitchen and so water going everywhere,” Andrejak said.

Just outside her home, her view of an old sycamore tree will never be the same.

“Lakewood Village, that was the charm of the trailer park. It’s all retirement. Folks in here are all a retirement community and we just lost a lot of the charm. So that’s sad,” Andrejak said.

The Grove EMS Director said two people went to the hospital Monday night because of the storm. He said they are expected to be okay.



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