Attention-Seeking Tulsa Man Angers Parents With His Bad Behavior

Friday, August 23rd 2019, 7:18 pm
By: News On 6

Some Tulsa parents expressed outrage and concern about the behavior of Paul Tay near school children.

They've posted pictures of him near school buses, wearing signs with inappropriate language and a sex toy on his bike helmet.

We at News On 6 were concerned about giving Paul Tay even more publicity; however, he normally does his behavior out at the courthouse plaza where there are adults.  Now he's doing it by children, which is causing even greater concern, so we did want to discuss it with police.

A parent posted pictures of Paul Tay near a school bus with students at Edison.  Many people expressed outrage and wondered why it appears police are doing nothing.

Police say they've spent years dealing with Tay's antics and are also frustrated.

 "We don't like it; we don't appreciate it; we don't want it around our kids," said Sgt. Jillian Phippen, Tulsa Police Department's Special Victims Unit.

"Our kids go to school in this town as well; however, we are doing everything we can, when we can."

She says he's learned exactly which words he can use on his signs to be legal, and they often can't remove him, because he's on public property and just having a sex toy on his head, is not enough.

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"Unfortunately, the types of behavior he is doing that crosses that line into criminal, is just a citation and it's not a jailable offense," she said.

She says officers have written Tay tickets for trespassing and bicycle violations and he was just charged with outraging public decency July 23rd.

Paul Tay video on Facebook: "Hello, it's called campaigning in America."

On his Facebook page, he says it's all about getting attention to run yet again, for Tulsa mayor.

Paul Tay Facebook video: "Doing a good thing is like, whatever, but, do something bad and you get the media's attention, you have to be the bad boy."

Police say he's generally not violent, but feel free to call them, in case there's something they can do.

They want parents to know, they're doing everything they can. But their advice is, if his behavior is just gross but not criminal, their best advice is to just ignore him.

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