3 Arrested After Armed Robbery Near Tulsa Hotel

Thursday, July 4th 2019, 11:42 am
By: Mallory Thomas

Three people are waking up in jail Thursday morning after Tulsa police were called out to 41st and Memorial by a man who says two men threatened him with a knife and demanded his money.

The man was meeting some friends at a dealership nearby when three people approached him and robbed him.

Police say after taking the victim’s money and cell phone, the robbers left the and walked over to a nearby motel. Officers said the victim followed the suspects and called 911.

When police got to the motel, they say there were four people inside the motel, and they arrested all of them. 

The fourth was a juvenile runaway with an outstanding warrant, police said.

A TPD officer said he does not recommend victims follow suspects as they are taking a dangerous risk.

"I do not recommend victims following suspects after armed robberies," said Corporal Matt Arnold, Tulsa Police. 

"They just need to stay where they are and be as good a witness from their location as possible. But doing anything that might provoke or agitate a suspect - we would not recommend."