Summer Heat Holds Steady For The Weekend

Saturday, June 29th 2019, 9:43 am
By: Stephen Nehrenz

Hot and muggy weather is holding firm across Green Country for the final weekend of June.

Expect more of the same for our Saturday as the sunshine continues, along with that familiar summer heat and humidity. We’ll have highs back in the 90s this afternoon but once again those heat index values will be up over 100, possibly as high as 104-105 in a few spots. With winds remaining light we won’t have a big cooling breeze, so take it easy outside!

In addition to the familiar heat, we’ll also have a slim chance for a few brief “pop-up” heavy downpours this afternoon into the early evening. The chance is only about 10%-20% for any one location to see a brief shower or storm, but just be aware especially if you’re out on the water during the day!


The heat continues into Sunday, although we should be trimming a couple of degrees off those daytime highs. We’ll look for highs closer to 90 degrees on Sunday with heat index values in the upper 90s. And once again, there will be a very slim chance for one or two brief pop-up showers.

The summertime weather pattern holds steady as we head into the first week of July. No surprises there! A very weak upper-level storm system will keep the low chance for those rogue pop-up showers going through most of the week, with highs hovering around 90 to the lower 90s.

Unfortunately, our highest chances for storms this upcoming week appear to be lining up on the 4th of July. It won’t be any sort of total rain-out for the 4th, but some scattered storms may put a damper on some of your afternoon activities on the 4th of July. We’ll keep you updated as we get closer!

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday, Green Country! You can follow me on Twitter @StephenNehrenz as well as my Facebook page Meteorologist Stephen Nehrenz to stay up to date with the very latest!

","published":"2019-06-29T14:43:20.000Z","updated":"2019-06-29T14:43:18.000Z","summary":"Hot and muggy weather is holding firm across Green Country for the final weekend of June.