Broken Arrow Mom Finds Healing After Daughter’s Death

Thursday, June 20th 2019, 11:12 pm
By: News On 6

It's been eight months since a Broken Arrow mother lost her daughter, and she's sharing her story of pushing through unimaginable pain.

Police say Lauren Kidd's ex-boyfriend admitted to killing her and putting her body in a recycling bin. Officers say they found DNA but not Lauren's body.

"When we come through those gates. Everything out there is gone," said Lauren’s mom Christa Kidd.

There is a rhythm to healing a truth to it.

"I tell the clients, this fence line, this is our world here," said Kidd.

That truth is that sometimes when you go looking for healing you might just find it in unexpected places. It can be a hands-on process. You must be brave enough to sort through the grit, to pull the weeds, let the dead things go.

That is what Christa Kidd is finding here working at A New Leaf, healing. The slow and steady kind. The day-at-a-time kind.

The might-just-take-a-lifetime kind.

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"It is just a joy, but there are struggles. There are times nobody wants to work. I get that. Sometimes I might struggle to get out of bed but we need to. We have got to," said Kidd.

Christa is working through her grief, through her court dates, alongside clients at A New Leaf as they work through their own traumas.

The hope is, on your journey to healing you might just find yourself tending to life in a way you never have before and maybe just maybe, the flowers will start to grow again

"I understand that you are going to be dealing with death. In the meantime, we have life and where there is death there is life,” said Kidd, "Having this connection. It is just- it is in my soul."

Lauren's ex-boyfriend Konner Brunner pleaded not guilty to murder.

A judge has found enough evidence to stand trial.

They will hash out whether his confession was legal and can be used in court next week.

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