Broken Arrow Business Owner Warns Others About Heart Health Following Heart Attack

Sunday, May 19th 2019, 11:16 pm
By: Erick Payne

One family hopes video will help others recognize the warning signs of a heart attack.

44-year-old Chase Summers was at his gym last month when cameras captured him having a heart attack.

Chase said the symptoms started a few months ago, but he chalked it up to allergies.

He's pretty fit, so he never suspected he was actually having a heart attack.

Now he wants others to know it could happen to anyone.

"That's what I thought it was, shortness of breath, allergies that was it," Broken Arrow Wellness Owner Chase Summers said.

Summers was just finishing up a workout when he started getting pains on the right side of his chest.

"The pain really started to set in, the burning started, I was constantly rubbing my chest," Summers said.

Surveillance cameras caught him as he was pacing, leaning against the equipment, while trying to figure out what was wrong.

 "It was like a blow torch in my chest and it just kept getting hotter and hotter, and more intense, and it got to a point where I knew it was more than a breathing thing," Summers said.

Chase said the pain on the right side and into his right arm got worse and moved up into his neck and jaw.

When he got home from the gym, he said the pain didn’t get any better.

 "My wife knew instantly there was something wrong, I was leaning over the bed and couldn't breathe. It felt like there was a vice grip on my heart," Summers said.

They rushed to the emergency room, where his fears were confirmed.

 "By the looks on their faces I could tell something was wrong and that's when they said, 'you're in the middle of a heart attack,'" Summers said.

Doctors put two stents in his heart to open his artery.

They said it was a miracle Chase survived because of how long it was left untreated.

It's why now -- he has a message he wants to spread. "Pay attention, don't ignore it, and that was my problem, I mean I fought this heart attack for over three hours," Summers said.

Summers said it’s genetic and runs on both sides of his family, and this has changed the way he does everything in life.

He goes back to the doctor next week for his one-month check-up.

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