Parents Frustrated After Woman Convicted Of Killing Baby Get's New Trial

Tuesday, May 7th 2019, 5:58 pm
By: News On 6

The parents of a toddler killed 10 years ago, are frustrated that the woman convicted of murdering the boy and sentenced to life in prison, is now out of prison and getting a new trial.

The Court of Criminal Appeals recently ordered Shiloh Brafford's new trial, based on new evidence and she was released on a $5,000 bond.


Shiloh Brafford's attorney says she was wrongly convicted of killing her stepson, 14-month old Davis, but Davis' parents say a Wagoner County jury heard all the evidence and found her guilty of murder and they don't understand, why she's now getting a second chance.

Davis' parents say he was a healthy baby and say they have the medical records to prove that. They say Shiloh was babysitting him when she called 9-1-1 to say he wasn't responding.

The District attorney at the time said Shiloh told different stories of what happened, including Davis falling in the kitchen or falling off the bed. Experts testified his injuries couldn't be caused by a short fall, but, were the result of being shaken.

"They found over 100 retinal hemorrhages. Over 25 is considered severe. He had 100 of them, which is the number one symptom of shaken baby syndrome," said the victim’s father Daniel Brafford.

Shiloh's new attorney, Richard O'Carroll, says Davis was failing to thrive for months, so his head was in the 96% range and his body was in the five percent range for kids his age.

He says that's indicative of previous head injuries and would make the baby more vulnerable to short falls. He says it's implausible for a woman Shiloh's size to shake the 20 lb. baby with enough force to cause fatal brain damage.

He also believes one of the witnesses was coached.

"In my; eyes, the case is black and white," said Daniel Brafford.

They say the new experts never examined Davis, not when he was dead or alive and they believe the first jury got it right and hope the next jury will have the same verdict.

"I'm mad, I'm emotional, it's frustrating. I don't think it's fair, fair to my son. I don't think it's fair for my family to go through this again," said the victim’s mother Amber Brafford.

Shiloh's new trial is set for October.