Tulsa Police Look For Suspects In QuikTrip Shootout

Tuesday, May 7th 2019, 5:44 am

Tulsa Police say officers are looking for a group of men involved in a shootout near the QuikTrip at West 23rd Street and Southwest Boulevard.

A couple of neighbors say shootings and other crimes are happening way too often in this area and they were not very surprised by this situation.

Police say the security guard kicked a group of men out of QT but the men fought with the guard outside the store. The suspects and security officer later shot at each other.

Paige Orona says she heard the gunfire from her apartment.

"I heard a lot of commotion and I heard a bunch of sirens and just craziness," said Orona.

The guard described the suspects to police and they say they immediately started looking for them.

"We were given a description of the individuals that were inside causing the disturbance, so we have been doing a canvas, trying to stop some of the vehicles that we thought were involved, at least the way they were described to us," said Sergeant Joe Gamboa.

Alyssa Tallman says she heard about the gunfight when she woke up Tuesday morning. She grew up in the area and says she doesn't feel as safe as she used to.

"It used to not be like this back then and now, it's just gotten worse," said Tallman.

Police say the front of the QT was hit but no one was hurt.


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