Tulsa Mom Invents Product She Says Could Help Save Children’s Lives

Thursday, April 25th 2019, 7:09 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

A Tulsa mom invented a product she says could save children's lives. It's a wristband that alerts parents if their child goes too far away or is submerged in water.

The Hoskins family in Sapulpa invested in “K8e Bands” when they found out about the product.

“This the first house that we've ever had that's had a swimming pool,” mother Kathy Hoskins said.

The pool in the family’s backyard left Hoskins, who has six children, looking for peace of mind.

"I just needed something to reassure me that even though we have taken all the measures, that I needed some security as far as that goes,” she said.

She got her four-year-old son Hatcher a "K8e band." The band goes on the child’s wrist, and the parent wears an Android watch, or has an app downloaded on an Android phone. If the child is 30 feet away or in water, the parent is alerted with a beeping noise. The child’s wristband does not make noise or light up.

Christie Matthews came up with the idea and owns the company.

"We can save lives. And we can let children explore and run and play and still know that they're safe,” Matthews said.

Matthews has sold about 1,000 bands since they went on the market last fall. She got the idea after a child in her life who has autism had a scary situation at a waterpark. The girl is OK, but what happened at the waterpark sparked an idea for Matthews.

"I said let's just give ‘K8e’ a bubble. Let her have some freedom that she's wanting, but then we also know she's always safe,” Matthews said.

Matthews soon discovered bands aren't just useful for kids with autism, but for any child.

"It's just kind of a no-brainer that you would want one of these for your child,” Hoskins said.

Matthews says the bands can also help remind parents not to leave their kids in the car because once you walk 30 feet away, your watch will start beeping.

For information on how to get a “K8e band” click here.

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