North Carolina Judge Orders Fairfax Hospital Employees Be Paid

Tuesday, April 23rd 2019, 9:07 pm
By: Amy Kauffman

The City of Fairfax filed a petition in North Carolina Bankruptcy Court to pay back Fairfax Community Hospital employees who haven't had a paycheck in four months.

North Carolina Hearing Could Decide Future of Four OK Hospitals 

On Tuesday, a trustee in North Carolina objected everything filed in Northern District of OK except for the back wage petition. According to the city, it appears they have granted the petition to pay some employees for four weeks of back pay.

However, there may be some limitations on how much can be paid while the case is still in bankruptcy court. It's also not clear who is paying the employees yet.

Osage County District Court granted the City of Fairfax receivership of the hospital a few months ago, however, this does not mean they have complete control of the hospital. During the hearing on Thursday, a trustee will also appoint a company to come in and operate all four Oklahoma hospitals during the bankruptcy proceedings.

The city believes that the company will be Oklahoma based, Cohesive Healthcare, but this has not been decided yet. This case is expected back in court in North Carolina on Thursday.

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