Tulsa Police Arrest Suspect After Chase

Thursday, April 18th 2019, 3:25 pm
By: News On 6




A Tulsa father says an app helped him confront the man he says stole his daughter's car and then barricaded himself inside a stranger's home. Officers say the suspect tried to crash through a fence to get away from police but when that didn't work he ran off.

How far would you go for your child? The answer to that question is simple for Ronnie Varnell.

"You would do anything for your child," said Ronnie.

Ronnie's day started when he received a call from his daughter saying someone had stolen her car. Thankfully, her boyfriend left his phone in the front seat. So, the couple used the Find My iPhone app to track its location. While Ronnie's daughter, Brooke called police, Ronnie went out on his own and started following the car.

"He did stop. That is when I pulled up to the side of him and said that is my daughter's car and that's when he took off," said Ronnie.

Tulsa Police sped after the driver. The man eventually crashed into a fence near 3rd and Zunis and then got out and ran. Police say he went into a stranger's house across the street while the owner was home.

"We eventually sent a K9 in there to bring him out. There was actually somebody here that was at the door and I guess the guy we caught pushed him out of the way and went into the house," said Tulsa Police Cpl Brandon Davis.

Officers brought the suspect, Gerald Davis Jr., out of the house in cuffs. He was booked into the Tulsa County Jails on Complaints of Possession of a Stolen Vehicle and Eluding police.

As for Ronnie's daughter, she says she can't believe the lengths her father went to for her.

"I am blown away and amazed. I know he is like that. He does that for me. I am just glad he got there in enough time to do this," said Brooke Varnell.


","published":"2019-04-18T20:25:57.000Z","updated":"2019-04-19T01:09:24.000Z","summary":"Tulsa police arrested a man Thursday afternoon after they say he led officers on a chase.