University Of Tulsa To Cut Theater, Other Programs

Thursday, April 11th 2019, 8:39 pm
By: Jonathan Cooper

As The University of Tulsa prepares to move into the next decade, big changes are coming. TU will trim low-demand academic programs, and expand science, technology and math.

They’ll also be revising curriculum to have all freshmen start together in a University Studies program and focus on interdisciplinary studies.

"Really the culmination of a year's worth of work of what the future of the University of Tulsa looks like,” said Dr. Gerry Clancy, the President of TU.

Clancy made the announcement Thursday morning and is calling it a re-imagining of TU.

"Now we're really preparing for that knowledge economy that is out there as far as jobs,” he said.

The changes come as universities around the country face some stark realities.

Clancy says birth rates went down because of the 2007 recession, meaning starting around 2025, colleges are anticipating smaller enrollment.

"Meaning in 2029, we have a 20 percent drop off in college graduates in America, and those college graduates are huge for our economy so this is preparing for that," said Clancy.

TU is also seeing fewer International students enroll.

Clancy says TU offers 196 degree and certificate programs now, but only 112 will survive the transition.

Among those going away, the theater department, some Master's programs and a major in Philosophy.

Clancy says students already enrolled, will get to finish their degrees and they'll work with faculty in those departments, if they want to stay.

Clancy tells News On 6, nobody will lose their job.

“TU's a place where there is so much happening and evolving on a regular basis we will be able to find places for people,” he said.