8 Muskogee Police Officers On Leave After Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting

In a news conference Wednesday, Muskogee Police said their officers did everything they could to avoid shooting Danny Brogdon.

Wednesday, March 6th 2019, 9:44 am

One-tenth of the Muskogee Police Department is on routine paid administrative leave following a deadly shooting.
Police said Danny Brogdon stabbed two women, then rushed at officers with a knife before they shot and killed him. One of the victims is a woman who filed a protective order against Brogdon, and the other is her daughter.
The family said the mother's condition has improved, and the daughter is expected to survive. About 15 Muskogee Police officers flooded the scene after learning two women had been stabbed inside a home.
Now, eight of the officers are on leave. Sgt. Ron Yates, Sgt. Jeremy Jenkins, Officer Jody Standridge, Officer Danny Dupont, Officer Michelle Ogden, Officer Shawn Brown, Officer Josh Garza, and Officer Donald Cox. 
Police said it is still being determined how many officers fired shots at Danny Brogdon before he died.
"Our officers did everything they possibly could have done yesterday to prevent from having to shoot Mr. Brogdon,” Officer Lincoln Anderson said.
Anderson said police tried to tase Brogdon, used a flash bang to divert his attention, and fired bean bag rounds at him. He said nothing worked.
Police said Brogdon was holding a large kitchen knife.
"He continued to advance toward the officers and they were forced to fire,” Anderson said.
Anderson said having a tenth of the police department on paid administrative leave will have an impact but won't affect response time.
"They're adjusting some things around right now to help support that shift on patrol and we'll work through those manning issues,” Anderson said.
While police don't believe the protective order had been served to Brogdon by the time of the stabbings, Anderson hopes this situation doesn't keep anyone from filing a protective order in the future.
"Don't be afraid to file one, ever. If you have the reasons to file a protective order get it,” he said.
The district attorney will decide if the shooting was justified.
","published":"2019-03-06T15:44:02.000Z","updated":"2019-03-07T19:14:13.000Z","summary":"In a news conference Wednesday, Muskogee Police said their officers did everything they could to avoid shooting Danny Brogdon.","affiliate":{"_id":"5c784a0c4961cb23ad330098","callSign":"kotv","origin":"https://www.newson6.com"},"contentClass":"news","createdAt":"2020-02-01T19:04:44.410Z","updatedAt":"2022-03-31T19:30:56.992Z","__v":2,"breakingNews":[],"entities":[{"_id":"624601616880e45323e020db","text":"Danny Brogdon","type":"PERSON","__v":0},{"_id":"6242209f6880e45323ad4611","text":"Ron Yates","type":"PERSON","__v":0},{"_id":"62421d336880e45323a76180","text":"Jeremy Jenkins","type":"PERSON","__v":0},{"_id":"6242281c6880e45323ba783a","text":"Jody Standridge","type":"PERSON","__v":0},{"_id":"6246014c6880e45323dff943","text":"Danny Dupont","type":"PERSON","__v":0},{"_id":"6246014c6880e45323dff94f","text":"Michelle Ogden","type":"PERSON","__v":0},{"_id":"6244d40a6880e45323c223e5","text":"Shawn Brown","type":"PERSON","__v":0},{"_id":"6246014c6880e45323dff958","text":"Josh Garza","type":"PERSON","__v":0},{"_id":"6242277f6880e45323b96a87","text":"Donald Cox","type":"PERSON","__v":0},{"_id":"624220e06880e45323adbf2e","text":"Lincoln Anderson","type":"PERSON","__v":0},{"_id":"624601716880e45323e040e5","text":"Brogdon","type":"LOCATION","__v":0},{"_id":"62421c636880e45323a5dd98","text":"Muskogee Police Department","type":"ORGANIZATION","__v":0}],"hasBeenCheckedForEntities":true,"openInNewWindow":false,"show":true,"link":"/story/5e35cbcc2f69d76f6201513f/8-muskogee-police-officers-on-leave-after-fatal-officerinvolved-shooting","hasSchedule":false,"id":"5e35cbcc2f69d76f6201513f"};

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