Sand Springs Fire Fighter Loses Important Bag To Thief

Friday, November 2nd 2018, 6:43 pm
By: News On 6

A Sand Springs firefighter is disgusted that someone stole his bag when he was only away from it for a few minutes. The real loss was what was inside the bag.

Ray Hall said he pulled up to the front of a store on his motorcycle, went inside, and minutes later he came out and his bag was gone. Inside was a very important flash drive. 

"As I am walking away from my motorcycle I looked back and I thought, I'm just grabbing Vitamin C, I'll be right back out," said Hall. 

In those five minutes, Ray says a thief took his unique bunker gear firefighter bag off the handle of his motorcycle. He said a fellow firefighter made the bag for him and it has SSFD on it. 

"He had made it for me and it was something I'd hoped to hold onto for many years. You know as a remembrance of my career, even later on [in] life," said Hall. "When I pulled up I thought I didn't want to take my bag into the store because its full of product from another store. And I didn't want to have any awkwardness of … I was trying to avoid any awkwardness like I stole something from another store."

When he got home and realized his flash drive was in the bag, his heart sank. The drive contains several files for a charity race Ray puts on every year.

"I promote a bike race at Turkey Mountain that benefits Oklahoma Firefighters Burn Camp which is a free summer camp for children who are burn survivors," Hall said.

Hall said this theft is especially frustrating because it was obvious the bag belonged to a firefighter, but the thief didn't care.