TPD Video Shows Arrest Of Burglary Suspect

Friday, October 26th 2018, 10:00 pm
By: Emory Bryan

The video shows how what could be a routine arrest of an average criminal can take a turn. Officers ended up chasing a man, with a gun, right into a store.

Tulsa Police officers are converging on 4th and Utica after a robbery suspect, with an outstanding warrant, was spotted going inside Family Dollar. Two officers’ approach from the side, as other officers drive to the scene all hoping to arrest the suspect outside.

They were looking for Joshua Mayfield, a man wanted for robbery and known to carry a gun. Just as backup officers arrive Mayfield walks out an officer fires a taser, but it doesn't stop Mayfield as he runs back inside the store.

They chase him through the aisles to the back where an officer knocked him down. There's a struggle until a supervisor intervenes. With Mayfield in cuffs, they walk him out still unsure if he might have a weapon.

Once he was secured officers retraced his path and find a gun they say he dropped while running.

Mayfield wasn't hurt except a couple of taser probes. He remains in the Tulsa County jail with a court date November 13th and a $100 thousand bond.