Rogers County Search And Rescue Learn How To Track From TCSO

Sunday, October 21st 2018, 8:58 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

Volunteers in Rogers County feel more prepared for search and rescue missions after training all weekend with a Tulsa County deputy.

The training focused on tracking and learning about how to find people based on the moves they make. In this tracking scenario, the Rogers County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue team is training to look for a missing person in the woods.

Step by step, Tulsa County Sheriff's Office Deputy Michael Bonin is literally walking through the training teaching the group everything he knows about footprints.

"We take an average step every 30 inches. So, in a mile, that's 2,112 opportunities for you to find evidence," said Deputy Bonin.

Bonin shows us what a difference a flashlight can make even in the daylight. The group splits up, tracking both on horseback and combing through the woods.

"We've learned a lot. A lot to cram in, in a short period of time," said Rogers County Reserve Deputy Kimberley Collins

Deputy Collins is volunteering her time to improve her skills.

"I have a grandson that has autism, and probably 50 percent of the calls that we go on is usually resulting in somebody wandering away," said Deputy Collins.

And she knows this training will make a difference for families of missing people.

"If that ever happened to me, I'd want that support. So, I want to lend that helping hand ahead of time,” said Deputy Collins.

"We've actually used this to save lives in the past, so being able to spread that gift to help them do the same over in Rogers County, it's always a great feeling,” said Deputy Bonin.