Oklahoma Man Learns Stolen Car Was Involved In OHP Chase

Monday, October 15th 2018, 6:31 pm
By: News On 6

Authorities are still investigating a chase that led to a crash involving an OHP trooper and closed down part of the Turner Turnpike Monday.

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News On 6 spoke with the owner of the stolen vehicle involved.

He said he didn't expect to wake up to this.

Troopers spotted the stolen car and tried to pull it over.

The woman didn't stop, and they chased her until she crashed into the center concrete barrier along the Turner Turnpike. 

OHP said she rammed the car into the trooper's vehicle several times, then began stabbing and cutting herself with a blade.

She was taken to a nearby hospital. 

All of this happened just 10 minutes after Tim Sullivan said he made a report that it was his Nissan that was stolen. 

"I woke up looked out my window and seen that my Nissan was missing. I thought it was kind of a joke I thought one of my friends were just playing with me," said Sullivan. 

The last time Sullivan saw his car was late Sunday night before it was taken out of his garage. 

"It looks like the whole front bumper was sitting on the ground. The whole right side is messed up. The bumper is messed up in the back. I was told the airbags were deployed," Sullivan said. 

He said he left his keys inside his car, but he says that won't happen again.

"Not leave my keys in the car. I mean I grew up in the country that's like the biggest thing. Like you leave your keys in the car you leave your house unlocked. I've done it since I was 16 but I won't be doing it anymore," Sullivan said. 

OHP doesn't have any information on how the trooper is doing.

The crash is still under investigation.