Tulsa Man Returns To Jail Less Than 24 Hours After Release

Monday, October 1st 2018, 6:41 pm

Tulsa Police tried to stop someone speeding Sunday night and that traffic stop turned up a stolen truck and a man just released from jail the day before.

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Brandon Frazier isn't a stranger to a jail cell. He was in Tulsa County Jail Saturday, got out, and in less than 24 hours was back for stealing a truck.

Frazier was arrested and jailed late Sunday after barely having a full day on the outside.

This time, he was picked up for stealing a truck from APAC, a construction company.

Tulsa Police are working the case.

"A single suspect went in Sunday morning early and the same suspect returned Sunday night with 3 additional suspects and three trucks and a trailer were stolen," said Detective Greg Mitchell.

A police officer noticed one of the trucks, only because it sped past him.

It had the company logo on the side.

"You never know what they're coming from or what they may have done or what's going on," Mitchell said.

The police helicopter took over the chase, but the truck crashed in a ditch and the driver ran off.

The helicopter guided officers on the ground to a man hiding in a shed and that's where they found Frazier.

His record includes convictions for stealing a car in 2016, assaulting police in 2014 and drug possession, in jail, from 2010.

The other suspects and APAC's stolen trucks, all F-150 pickups, are still missing.

"So if someone sees a suspicious vehicle or a vehicle parked where it shouldn't be, go ahead call police and have us come out, run the tags and see if it could possibly be one of our stolen vehicles," said Officer Jeanne McKenzie.

Police are waiting to get surveillance footage from the business, hoping they can identify the other suspects.