Police Pursuit Lands Tulsa Man Back In Jail Day After Release

Monday, October 1st 2018, 6:15 am

A man is in jail for the second time in just a few days after Tulsa Police say he led officers on a chase in a stolen truck.

Records show Brandon Frazier was released this past Saturday, but he was arrested again and now he's back in the Tulsa County Jail.

Police said an officer tried to stop Frazier for reckless driving near Pine and Harvard but he took off speeding as soon as he saw the flashing lights. 

The officer lost sight of Frazier near Independence and Knoxville but other officers saw him nearby and went after him.

An officer in TPD's helicopter saw Frazier ditch the vehicle near Woodrow and Evanston and police on the ground found him hiding in someone's shed.

They said the truck was stolen from a business and they found dozens of stolen car keys inside the vehicle.

Now, officer Jeanne Mackenzie said they're trying to get in touch with the owners of those vehicles.

"If anybody sees a suspicious vehicle or a vehicle parked where it shouldn't be, go ahead, call police and have us come out, run the tags and see if it could possibly be one of our stolen vehicles," Mackenzie said. 

Frazier is facing a list of complaints including possession of a stolen vehicle and eluding.