Driver Suspected Of Road Rage Punched Man, Crashed Into Car, BAPD Says

Monday, September 24th 2018, 6:49 pm
By: News On 6

Broken Arrow Police are investigating a road rage case that ended when the driver punched a man in the face and crashed into a woman's car.

Police said the man was driving under the influence when it happened. Officers said he caused the crash as he tried to run from the scene.

Broken Arrow police arrest a man accused of driving drunk, with a suspended driver's license, punching a man in the face and crashing into a woman's car as he tried to run from officers at the scene.

"After colliding with that vehicle, it disabled the suspect’s vehicle, so officers were able to catch up to the suspect and identify him," Officer James Koch said.

Police said witnesses saw Michael Doshier driving recklessly through traffic then pulling in front of another driver and slowing down until he came to a complete stop. They said Doshier got out of his vehicle, got into an argument and punched the other driver, who punched him back.

"The two men exited the vehicles, a verbal altercation ensued and it escalated into a very quick physical altercation," Koch said.

When police arrived, they said they saw Doshier doing a U-turn to leave the scene. They saw him crash into a woman's car, nearly hitting her, as she was standing outside the vehicle.

Police said Doshier admitted drinking four beers and refused a field sobriety test saying he was already guilty of being drunk and would fail it.

“It's very important for motorists not to engage in any type of road rage, any type of verbal altercation or any type of physical altercation. Very important that we get to our destinations safely," Koch said.

Doshier is in jail on several complaints including DUI and assault and battery.