Medical Students In Tulsa Hold 1st ‘Medlam’ Game

Monday, September 17th 2018, 9:48 pm
By: News On 6

We all think of bedlam as the football game that divides OU and OSU fans. But medical students from both schools are coming together for a special event that supports a great cause.

The Sooners and the Cowboys face off in a life-changing game of flag football.

Medical students from OSU Center for Health Sciences and OU-TU School of Community Medicine put together the “Medlam” match-up to help bring together students from the two programs.

"We did a play on words," said James Orozco. "I was playing around one day and came up with Medlam - so medicine - bedlam."

When they found out that one of their own, Mason Dennon, is battling Burkitt's-like lymphoma, they knew they wanted to use the event to help.

"As a medical student, we really are trying to understand the science behind diseases and syndromes, and it just brought it so much closer to home," said Katie Martin.

“We just hope everyone has a good time and they enjoy themselves, and that Mason knows that we love him,” said Natalie Santa-Pinter from the OU-TU School of Community Medicine. 

“We’re here to support you Mason.”

The future doctors are selling t-shirts for $15 and because the shirts were donated, all proceeds go straight to Mason’s family to help with medical care. 

Mason couldn’t attend the event because he is currently receiving treatment. You can donate at the group's Facebook donate page.

So whether you are rooting for the Cowboys or the Sooners, everyone is Team Mason.

As for Medlam, the results were split. OU students took home the Medlam trophy for the main game. OSU won the pre-game match between first-year medical students.