Coweta Dispatcher Shares Her Side Of Dramatic Kidnapping Arrest

Friday, September 7th 2018, 7:35 pm
By: News On 6

On Wednesday Coweta Police arrested Lonnie Replogle on multiple complaints including kidnapping.

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Misti Collier was the dispatcher on the other end of the line when a store manager called to say a customer was trying to escape the kidnapper.

The Walgreens manager who's found herself in a quickly escalating situation. The alleged victim April Rider had just run behind the counter to escape from Replogle who she says kidnapped her.

Replogle was still in the store.

"They depend on you. You have to get the information out as fast as possible, as calmly as possible so that everything is clearly spoken," says Collier. "I have lives in my hand."

Eventually, Replogle ran out of the store to his car.

"I felt the fear in her voice. I understood she was terrified. She didn't know what was getting ready to happen. She didn't know if this girl was telling the truth or not," said Collier. 'Unknown at this time, male subject does have his hands in his pockets."

As officers arrived at the store, the whole situation played out in Collier's ear.

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The quick police response ended with Replogle in custody. The victim and the store clerk, uninjured.

"I did a little cheer at the end when they got him," said Collier. "I told her I was gonna go ahead and get off the phone with her. She thanked me. I said you're welcome. Hung up the phone."

This ending to this story, Collier says took the effort of the entire team.

"It's not happening to our family. It's not happening to us, but it is happening to us. We are right there with them," she said.