Video Shows Coweta Kidnapping Suspect Try To Escape Police

Thursday, September 6th 2018, 7:47 pm
By: News On 6

Dramatic surveillance video shows the suspect in a kidnapping case attempt to escape arrest at the Walgreens in Coweta.

The video shows a woman named April Rider walking up to the Walgreens cash register, a man named Lonnie Replogle in the red shirt is by her side. As soon as Replogle turns his back-Rider makes a move.

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You can see the Walgreens employees jump to defend Rider as Replogle calls after her. Eventually, Replogle runs from the store.

Thanks to the employee’s quick response Coweta police were already on their way. The first police car speeds into the lot and hits the truck, trying to stop Replogle from getting away but officers say, that didn't stop him.

Just as the suspect is backing up the second police officer speeds into the parking lot and then the third, blocking Replogle in. He was eventually, taken into custody.

"The officers positioned themselves in the perfect spot and there was no crossfire, nothing like that," said Coweta Police Chief Mike Bell.

Chief Bell says the quick reaction of the Walgreens employees, changed the game in the situation.

"I knew exactly where this guy was that we knew what he was dressed like what he looks like we knew he was driving we also knew the minute he was running out of the store to get to his car," said Bell. “If you're going to have something like this happen this turned out great."

Police caution citizens from getting involved in potentially dangerous situations, but admit that what workers did to protect the woman worked in this situation. Rider told police that Replogle has held her against her will for the past month.

The department has a couple of thousand dollars’ worth of damage to its cars but no one, including the suspect, got hurt. Replogle is being held without bond.