Rogers County Sheriff's Office Introduces New Playground Game To Foyil Elementary

Thursday, August 16th 2018, 10:15 pm
By: News On 6

Recess just got a little more fun at Foyil Elementary. On Thursday the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office introduced them to a new game called “Ga-ga.”

It is a unique style of dodgeball where you can only hit the ball with your hand and everyone is stuck in a pit. 

Deputy Jon Sappington went to a church camp this summer with his family and learned about the game. He says he saw a need at Foyil Elementary and wanted to help.

"I went by this morning to grab some snacks for the kiddos and came out and just trying to build community resources and develop relationships," said Sappington.

Sappington applied for a grant through Walmart for a “Ga-ga’ court at the school and it was approved. Construction on the court wrapped up just in time for the first day of school.

"I think in today's generation that's a key factor right now, is trying to build that relationship and build that trust with these kids as they grow up and try to knock down these walls," said Sappington.

Principal Brad Jordan spent the day playing the game with the students and says he's just thrilled to see the kids' smiles.

"They came to me and said can we put a new game on your playground and I can’t say no. If they're willing to help. That's something not a lot of communities have the benefit of," said Jordan.

The playground equipment has been the same at the school for years, so everyone is excited to see a little change.

"We have teachers here that went to Foyil and they say yeah I can remember playing on that merry go round in 2000 or whenever it was. To have them to give us a chance to do something different, man our kids are ecstatic,” said Jodan.

After one day of the new playground equipment, it sounds like it was quite a hit with the students.