Winds Knock Down Wagoner Building Wall Damaged In Fire

Wednesday, August 8th 2018, 7:17 am
By: Tess Maune

New video shows the strong winds from Tuesday night's storm knocking over a fire-damaged brick wall in downtown Wagoner.

This is a set back for the city, which is in the process of working to restore its historic Main Street after a rough year.

In the video, you see the wind had no problem toppling the brick. 

Toni Medlin shot the cell phone video as wind and rain whipped down Main Street Tuesday night, knocking down the interior wall of a historic building and blowing a safety fence all around.

The wall was part of a building that was gutted during a fire. Over the past year, two separate fires have destroy six historic buildings in downtown Wagoner.  Just a last week the city voted to preserve the historic buildings and the bricks, some of which date back to 1898.

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The good news, according to the mayor, is that the bricks that fell were just structural and the historic bricks are all still intact.

"What did collapse was expendable, and they would have collapsed tomorrow when we came in and worked on them anyway," Mayor Albert Jones said.

Workers had just started removing bricks to eventually use again to recreate the old facade.