Tree Toppled By Storm Barely Misses Tulsa Home, Damages Truck & Blocks Street Instead

Tuesday, August 7th 2018, 10:12 pm
By: Justin Shrair

Cleanup is underway after severe weather swept through parts of Green Country.

In East Tulsa, a tree split in the storm and a large portion of it fell, just missing a home, instead it ended up blocking a road and damaging a truck.

The homeowner says she is grateful no one was hurt.

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Stephanie Gallagher says she remembers the first thought that ran through her mind when she walked out of her house.

“Oh my God, the truck is crushed,” she exclaimed.

She says one of her next thoughts was “It’s crazy, just crazy.  Even when we had a winter storm in 2007 when it was icy, it wasn’t that bad.”

Gallagher says she was inside the house with her family waiting for the storm to pass.  She says she could see her lawn chairs and trash blowing around outside, but she never heard the tree fall.

“My husband came in cause he was sitting out here in the garage and said, ‘Hey, the tree just fell and crushed the truck,’” said Gallagher.

She says her husband watched the tree snap and told her it seemed to fall in slow motion.  Thankfully, Gallagher says, no one was hurt.

In the meantime, she says she’s already called her insurance company and is just happy the tree fell away from her house instead of on top of it with everyone inside.

“We were lucky,” she said.  “We were very lucky.”

Gallagher says a tree service has already been called and the road should reopen Wednesday.