Police Jurisdiction Confusion Causing Frustration For Catoosa Resident

Friday, August 3rd 2018, 6:55 pm
By: News On 6

A Catoosa grandparent is upset about a homeless encampment underneath the I-44 bridge near the Hard Rock in Catoosa. She says she’s frustrated because law enforcement agencies won't do more.

The area can be very confusing for law enforcement agencies right near this intersection there are at least five different agencies that could be asked to respond and sometimes it's up to officers to figure out who can act where.

Catoosa native Glenda Rowe wants something done about the homeless people who hang around this main bridge that runs right through one of the most lucrative parts of town.

"I call it dysfunction junction," said Rowe.

As a grandparent, Rowe is concerned about kids walking to and from school.

"School is fixing to start and they have to walk under this bridge going to school and they have to walk under this bridge coming home from school," said Rowe.

Plus, Rowe says it's dirtying up one of Catoosa's busiest areas.

"We're trying to grow. But we've got this ugly mess right here underneath the bridge that no one wants to care for," said Rowe.

She says she's disappointed law enforcement agencies don't seem to want to do anything about it.

"If people would just get off of their bureaucratic rear ends and do something instead of talking about it, do something about it," said Rowe.

But Catoosa Police Officer Brent Colbert says it's not all black and white.

"It's a confluence of three counties: Wagoner, Rogers and Tulsa County. Along with the city of Tulsa and the city of Catoosa," said Officer Colbert.

North of I44 is Rogers County, and Tulsa and Wagoner County split the area south of the interstate. Some areas are technically the City of Tulsa. Colbert says they're powerless outside their jurisdiction.

"We have no authority outside our city limits unless we are requested to assist," said Officer Colbert.