Tulsa Deciding Fate Of Pedestrian Bridge Over Harvard

Thursday, August 2nd 2018, 6:21 am
By: Dave Davis

The City of Tulsa is trying to figure out what to do about a pedestrian bridge over Harvard near 51st Street.

Tulsa Public Schools say they've been working with the city to come up with a plan for the first day of school, to make sure students who may use the bridge going to Grimes Elementary School and Eisenhower International School are safe.  Both schools are located on East 56th Street.

Tulsa says the bridge built in 1986 was closed recently after they found several problems with the structure.  They say the bridge has lost some its steel and the two spiral ramps are not ADA compliant.

Tulsa tells News On 6, all options are the table including repairing, which is unlikely, replacing or shutting it down permanently.

An important question still remains, what will people and students who may use the bridge do in the meantime. 
Tulsa Public Schools says they don't track who walks to school by using the bridge, but they say it could impact some students at both nearby schools.

Tulsa tells News On 6, a consultant has been watching the bridge and did not see anyone using it.