Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Law Goes Into Effect Today

Thursday, July 26th 2018, 5:48 am
By: Dave Davis

Oklahoma's medical marijuana law goes into effect today, but key aspects of it are not even in place.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, which operates under the umbrella of the state Health Department, is not even accepting applications until August 25th.

So that means you can't grow, process, sell, transport or possess marijuana - because no has been issued a license to do so.

The law does say that starting Thursday, July 26th, if you have 1 and a half ounces of pot on you and you can state a medical purpose for it even without a license it would be only a misdemeanor and $400 fine.

The Tulsa Police Department released a video on its Facebook page Wednesday and a statement to the media ahead of Thursday's implementation date, essentially saying they're following developments, but possession of marijuana is still illegal.

"State officials are still convening regarding the regulation and implementation of State Question 788. And without a state-issued medical marijuana license, possession and distribution of marijuana is illegal," said Tulsa Police Captain T. Espy.

State officials are working on two fronts, there's a legislative committee, as well as the state Board of Health, which passed some controversial regulations earlier in July.

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