$30 Million Grant To Help Transform Tulsa Neighborhood

Friday, July 20th 2018, 6:40 pm
By: Ashley Izbicki

City leaders say a $30 million HUD grant will help transform an already growing part of Tulsa.

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There's already a lot of excitement with the Gathering Place getting ready to open up, a new pedestrian bridge that will connect the park to the West side of the river, and other investments. 

The people involved in this $127 million unique project say the new concept of mixed-income housing will once again put Tulsa in the spotlight.

"HUD didn't just drop out of the sky and donate this grant to Tulsa because they thought we were a nice place. They did it because they had confidence in the work that's being done locally, work that's been years in the making to transform West Tulsa … and decentralize poverty,” said Mayor G.T. Bynum. 
"You have this really special neighborhood with great people who live in it that needs some help from our community,” Bynum continued. 
The Tulsa Housing Authority said the Eugene Field neighborhood from Jackson to Southwest Boulevard between West 21st and West 23rd streets won't look the same by the time the project wraps up. 

Riverview Park Apartments and Brightwater Apartments will get a makeover.

“Then at the same time, have a positive environment, low crime, high education, private sector job opportunities,” said Tulsa Housing Authority Chairman of the Board Rick Neal. 
"The great thing about the grant, it doesn't just cover housing. There's also a people piece and then a neighborhood piece,” said Tulsa Housing Authority COO Matthew Letzig.

The Boys and Girls club will turn into a community center. There's a neighborhood park and a new grocery store too.
"We truly will be a model for the nation,” Neal said. “People will be coming here to look to see what we've done, and see how they can do the same thing ."

Phase one will start next year with the project wrapping up by 2024.

Along with the $30 million HUD grant, the Zarrow Foundation donated $12 million. 

There are more than 40 community partners in this project.