Woman Shot While Returning Car To Ex-Boyfriend, Tulsa Police Say

Friday, July 13th 2018, 2:03 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Tulsa Police are looking for a woman who they believe shot her boyfriend's ex.

The victim is expected to survive.

The gunfire was in the O'Reilly’s parking lot, just beyond the drive-thru at Lot A Burger, near 33rd West Avenue and Southwest Boulevard.

Tulsa Police said the dispute involved a relationship that turned sour and a stolen car.

Police said a man took it from a girlfriend during a breakup. Somehow, they had arranged for the stolen car to be returned and that's when the shot was fired.

"They made arrangements to return the car, I guess call it all good, but then it looks like it was a setup," Sergeant Dave Walker said.

Police said during the meetup, after the old girlfriend got into the car, the man's new girlfriend shot at her.

With the driver hit, the car rolled across the parking lot and stopped under a tree.

The victim had arrived with several friends - all of whom police said were helpful in describing what they saw.

Gina Owens, who works nearby, saw it too.

"Broad daylight, with a gun," she said. "We thought they were fighting at first. We thought the girl was getting beat up, but then we heard the boom, the shot, and then the girl came back, ran and got back in the car, holding the gun, and they took off.”

Police said the shooter and the boyfriend left in a small red car. They were looking for it and know the names of the people involved.

“So, all of this is going to be kind of known when we get it all figured out,” Walker said.

But police said they know enough to say it was a broken relationship that escalated into one partner stealing a car and then someone getting shot trying to get it back.

Police said they know the identity of the suspect but they have not released it. They are still looking for her.