Tulsa Father Tracks Down Son's Stolen Bike

Friday, June 29th 2018, 10:24 pm
By: Justin Shrair

New surveillance video shows a Tulsa man stealing a 9-year-old's bike in broad daylight, but the boy's dad wasn't content with just letting the police handle it.

Aaron Spinks' surveillance cameras caught the man he says stole his son's bike and he immediately set off to get it back.

Video surveillance captures the man walking up to Spinks' home and taking his 9-year-old son's bike. 

"I immediately pulled up my cameras [and] saw that his bike had just been stolen within that minute that we were in the house". 

Spinks said he and his son had walked inside to grab a quick drink before discovering the bike had been taken. 

"To be honest I was ticked off that somebody had the nerve to do that and I immediately called the police," Spinks said. 

But that didn't stop Spinks. 

"I walked down the street in the direction he was headed, and noticed in that house, that was dilapidated that my bike was sitting there," said Spinks. 

Spinks said after talking with the landlord next door, he got permission to get his son’s bike back. He said he captured cell phone video of the bike in the house.

"I mean you almost feel violated in a sense … they had the nerve to come up and just walk literally up to my garage door," Spinks said. 

And although he was able to take his son's bike back, Spinks said he just wants to get justice.

"For the guy that stole the bicycle to get caught, and I'd like to press charges against him," Spinks said. 

If you recognize the person from the video, contact police.